About Royal Navy of Oman


    Before the glorious renaissance, Sultan of Oman navy was just a wing known as Inshore Patrols Unit under what was called "Oman Jondaremnt" at that time. The pillar of that unit was a number of wooden boats type ( Dhow) dating back to 1960 and were taking over some inshore patrols tasks alongside Al Batinah coastline to stop weapon smuggling and illegal immigration. The first boat in this unit was " Nasr Al Bahr" which made its first journey in May 1960 to carry out some inshore patrol tasks alongside Al Batinah coastline. In 1966, another boat was rented named (Al Taief) to carry out inshore patrols between Korea Morea Islands ( currently known as Halaniat Islands) and Ras Dharbat, then it was replaced by "Al Muntaser". In 196​​7 "Fath Alkhair joined the Service and followed by Al Had'r later on. The first ship that was built called Al Said in 1970 to be a Royal ship, but it was used for military purposes during Dhofar war. The ship had not shown up in Muscat waters till March 1970 due to lack of crew to operate it at that time. In 1970, the formation of Sultan of Oman Navy was officially announced and joined Sultan Armed Forces as a main Service.

    In 1972, Sultan of Oman Navy witnessed the launch of the Royal ship Dhofar. In 1973, three fast patrol boats ( Al Bushra, Al Mansoor and Al Najah) joined the fleet  and in the same year Sultan of Oman Navy moved to Sultan Bin Ahmed Naval Base at Khor Al Mukalla in Muscat. In 1975 SON acquired two minesweepers (Al Nasri and Al Salihi) which had undergone some modifications to operate as regular patrol boats. After that, the fleet was supplied with 3 landing craft mechanical LCMs ( Sulhafat Al Bahr, Al Sansool and Al Doghs ) . In 1978, RNO Training Centre established in Sur.

   In the beginning of eighties, a variety of landing crafts were acquired and some modifications were made to the design of Al Said ship and called " Al Mabrukah" to operate as an inshore patrol ship and as officers training ship . In the period of 1983-1984, the fast attack crafts missile (Dhofar, Al Sharqiyah and Al Batinah) were received. In 1986, Ras Musandam Naval Base was opened which is currently called Musandam Naval Base. In 1989, Royal ship '' Musandam'' joined the service of SON. In 1987, Sultan of Oman Navy moved from Sultan Bin Ahmed Naval Base in Muscat to Said Bin Sultan Naval Base (SBSNB) in Masanah which was officially opened on 14th of November1988 under the Royal patronage of HM Sultan Qaboos , the Supreme Commander of Sultan's Armed Forces. On 16th of June 1990, Sultan of Oman Navy was renamed to be called Royal Navy of Oman. In 1995 and 1996, the fast gun boats '' Al Bushra , Al Mansoor and Al Najah" joined the service of RNO followed by '' Qahir Al Amwaj and Al Muaszzar'' in 1996 and 1997 respectively. On 15th of January 2007 '' Khareef '' project was signed to acquire 3 frigates '' Al Shamikh, Al Rahmani and Al Rasikh'' . The first vessel of " Khareef " project was launched on 22nd of July 2009, followed by the launching of Al Rahmani on 23rd of June 2010 and Al Rasikh on 27th of June 2011. Al Shamikh was officially delivered on 26th of June 2013 and joined RNO service on 6th of October 2013. As for Al Rahmani , it was delivered on 28th of October 2013 and joined the service of RNO on 17th of March 2014 while Al Rasikh delivered on 28th of June 2014.

   In the first of June 2011, HM the Supreme Commander of SAF ordered to upgrade the academic level of RNO Training Centre to be Sulatn Qaboos Naval Academy. On 4th of April 2012,'' Ofuq'' project was Singed to build 3 inshore patrol vessels, as well as, signing the project of '' Orchid'' to build "Shabab Oman – 2" Ship which was officially launched on 8th of April 2014 and delivered in the Kingdom of Holland on 12th September 2014. In Netherland, the project of '' Bahr Oman'' was recently signed to build two ships for defense support, fast deployment, ration movement and search & rescue operations. Currently, the finishing touches of design works and engineering consultation for the project of the Sutlan Qaboos Naval Base in Dhofar Governorate are underway.