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 Dear RAFO Personnel

May Peace be Upon You,,,

It is a pleasure to express my gratitude and appreciation for all your genuine efforts in protecting RAFO's assets and achievements, and building on what has been established throughout the history of RAFO...More​










​RAFO Responsibilities Toward ​Society >>> 
​​​​المسؤولية المجتمعية للسلاح​​​   RAFO social Responsibilities and​​ its general frame toward the Omani community emanates from the national supreme responsibility which is represented in defending the Sultanate (homeland), its gains and the conservation of its achievements. These are of course, the contents of the message which RAFO as an establishment and​ tightly constructed military organization within SAF system sought to convey and to deepen its routes.​..More​

Air Force Music   >>>

موسيقى سلاح الجو االسلطاني العماني



   In the beginning of 1980s His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said issued Royal directives for the formation of Sultans of Oman Air Force (SOAF) band including military band, chorus drums and bagpipes at RAFO Ghala. RAF on loan officer started his new task as Director RAFO band in 1981, as a result the band performed its first musical display in 1983 and later in the same year it had the honor of performing before HM Sultan at Seeb palace.​..More​​​


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