The Sultan's Armed Forces has rabidly witnessed great development during the Blessed Renaissance under the wise leadership of H.M Sultan Qaboos bin Said Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, stemming from its exalted status, august tasks and sacred duties. SAF safeguards the achievements, maintains the gains and defends the sovereignty of our homeland as its the fortified fortress and impregnable shield so Oman's flag shall remain high as always and ever .

The gradual construction and development are authentic features and fundamental pillars of the Blessed Renaissance. The Sultan's Armed Forces has interacted and intermingled with this approach successfully. The plans of development and modernization have been executed deliberately and efficiently till all services and formations of SAF became principal components of the modern state by all accounts. Thus, the Omani soldier has become a source of pride and appreciation because of his scientific and practical potentials, military and technical skills and what he has proven of competence, efficiency and qualification to bear the responsibility of defending our homeland and representing it in the international events .

Office of COSSAF spares no effort in promoting its multi- tasks and duties as well as preparing all means for its officers and personnel to assume highest echelons ــ Enlightened, Office of COSSAF, by the Royal wisdom and righteous directives of H.M Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Office of COSSAF carries out great tasks and plays vital diverse roles. It devotes its efforts to develop and support the capabilities of SAF and its readiness. Hence, all directorates of the Office of COSSAF have benefited from the military sciences and modern technologies in training and qualifying their human resources.

Office of COSSAF exerts deliberate and continuous efforts in different administrative, training and educational fields. It, as well, provides welfare, media and information technologies services ــ All that would enhance the capacity of SAF and maintain their high morale. Office of COSSAF perseveres to coordinate the efforts of all services of SAF and departments of MOD to go in line with the latest developments of military and technological sciences and the trend to render best services through e-administration so that they remain on the track of prosperity and progress and preserve their physical and morale accomplishments and achievements. Therefore,  the motto of the Office of COSSAF remains as always and ever "Belief in Allah, Loyalty to the Sultan, Defending the Homeland".

                                                           Lt. cen

                                                           Ahmed bin Harith Al Nabhani