Diving Hyperbaric

​D​​​iving Section

The Diving Section supports a number of sea operations such as:

  • Check and maintain ship hulls.
  • Mine hunting in shallow water and sea bed.
  • Limited rescue operations as well as costal reconnaissance activities.
  • Deep Diving on air to 50m.
  • Hyperbaric Support.

The Section is equipped with surface air supply equipment which enable divers to perform technical tasks under deep water for long periods of time, and to conduct underwater video survey to display underwater/surface activities. The Diving Section frequently provides its services to civil authorities in carrying out periodical tests for sea water desalination plants at PDO. It also provides its help inrescuing people who have fallen in wells and carrying out Falaj water filtration.

Hyperbaric Section

The Hyperbaric Section is the sole facility of its kind in the Sultanate to provide treatment for diving related illnesses. The treatment for such illnesses is given in the recompression chamber. At the same time, the Section provides different medical applications to treat cases not related to diving, such as Poisoning from Carbon Monoxide, Food Pollution and side effects caused by using Radiation in treating cancer disease. The main chamber is available in the sick bay at SBSNB and the other is a mobile one.