​                                     Ministry Of Defense                                    

    The Ministry of Defense carries out the defense policy of the Sultan's Armed Forces, enlightened from the bright thought and royal directives of HM, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. The Ministry deals many agreements to update weapons and equipments, and signs armament deals, according to well prepared plans and conscious planning that meet the needs of the sultan's Armed Forces and enables it to perform, its role in the overall development process in the country, and in accordance with the functions of protecting the homeland and its achievements.

His Majesty believes that, development must be subject to protect it and prepares it for prosperity and progress, and that softy, security, stability and peace depend on building a competent military force of high combat readiness and capable of protecting the country and its installation.

Since he took power of the country, His Majesty was very keen on preparing armed forces of high combat efficiency, and contains different modern services. This principle depends in first place on human being and on preparing him to carry out his role as part of the armed forces which was restructured according to modern and contemporary foundations. Modernization has become an objective for national strategic planning in order to keep up with the requirement of the third millennium and the challenges of 21st century.

The armed forces seekDescription: https://cdncache1-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png to achieve advance and prosperity for the country and its people, proceeding for its principle slogan (Faith in God, Loyalty for the Sultan and to Protect the country). During the modern renaissance, the Royal Army of Oman RAO, Royal Air Force of Oman RAFO, Royal Navy of  Oman NNO , the Royal Guard of Oman RGO have achieved numerous achievement in different  aspect related to armament, training, organization, modern technology and manpower.

In 1987, SAF was reorganized and the appointment of Chief of Defense Staff was changed to chief of staff sultan's Armed Forces COSSAF. AT the same time, a minister position in the MOD organization was introduced as a step to coincide with other ministries of the state. His Majesty retain for himself the appointment "Minister of Defense" whereas the new appointment is called" minister of state for defense affairs". In 1989, it was changed to "The Secretary General of MOD" with minister grade.

In October 1996, the appointment "Deputy Prime minister for Security and Defense Affairs was canceled, and anew position was introduced, named as" Minister responsible for Defense Affairs. SG position was also canceled and "Undersecretary" was introduced. On 16 January 2014, the appointment "SG" was reintroduced to replace the appointment "US".

Yet, today the Sultan's Armed Forces is a civilized significant monument whom its members make a great efforts to maintain Oman's security and stability. Thanks to His Majesty's concern about the Armed Forces, this made it a modern and well organized force that is capable of conducting joint operations with efficient combat capabilities.