The Charter

​The NSA is to:

tick.jpgProvide and revise land maps, aeronautical charts and other geographic materials. These may be in graphic or computer readable form.

tick.jpgDefine, publish and enforce national standards for all aerial photography, surveys and map production.

tick.jpgEstablish and maintain.

smallarrow.pngNational geodetic control network

smallarrow.pngTopographic database

smallarrow.pngNational geographic materials library

smallarrow.pngNational aerial photographs archive

smallarrow.pngDepot to stock geographic materials

tick.jpgProvide advice and survey support to the authorities engaged in the demarcation of the international boundaries of the Sultanate.

tick.jpgCo-ordinate the tasking, acquisition and distribution of satellite imagery and remote sensing data, and establish and maintain a national archive of the materials from these sources.

tick.jpgOrganise the provision and distribution of geographic information required by the SAF.

tick.jpgEstablish and maintain liaison on geographic matters with international survey and mapping organisations, foreign government survey and mapping authorities, learned societies, universities and other training establishments.

tick.jpgSupport the hydrographic charting activities of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO).

tick.jpgOperate at all times in a cost-effective and business-like manner.