Field Survey

Carries out the duties of collecting data in the field.

Major Tasks
smallarrow.pngConstruction of national control network and its maintenance
smallarrow.pngConstruction of control points for aerial photographs
smallarrow.pngConstruction of benchmarks
smallarrow.pngReview of maps before production
smallarrow.pngUpdating maps after their production using GPS
smallarrow.pngQuality control for international border demarcation
smallarrow.pngProvision of technical support for any border mark fixation that been tampered with or affected by weather conditions
smallarrow.pngQuality control for survey projects pertaining to government departments and companies
smallarrow.pngConstruction of control and leveling points for ministries and other government bodies and companies implementing any project
smallarrow.pngCompilation of different survey reports that will be kept in the geographic national archive
smallarrow.pngCompilation of large scale detailed surveys
smallarrow.pngDetermination of Qiblah direction for mosques and provision of assistance to Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs on the same subject