NSA holds many different types of data, such as: Geographic Place Names (GPNs), control points, Vertical Obstructions (VOBs), airfields, power lines, scanned maps, aerial photographs, satellite images and other Geographic Information System (GIS) data.

There is also a Map Depot which stores printed hardcopy maps as well as copyrighted CD/DVDs for selling to customers. It is also stored in database for the inventory details of the Map Depot and maintains the customer database.

In order to ensure the effective and efficient control of day to day business, an NGSDI has been developed within NSA, which includes a proper data management environment, incorporating reliable infrastructure and a geospatial database to centrally store all its data. A Map Production Workflow System (MPWS) and Task Monitoring System (TMS) has also been implemented to effectively monitor the tasks carried out by NSA and to deliver the services to clients in a timely manner.


On Point (Geo Portal):

OnPoint is a GIS application system developed for browsing NSA's GIS data and products by customers and NSA employees. NSA customers such as private companies, government and military departments can browse OnPoint for products and services offered by NSA and use it to place orders.

Internal NSA users can use this to browse GIS and map related data for day to day activities. Access to the database is controlled by defined users and permission is given according to the status of the customers.


Task Monitoring System (TMS)

This system is used for managing NSA projects and day to day tasks. The status of the tasks can be easily monitored and any necessary action can be taken using this application. A Tasking Officer will create new tasks in TMS every time NSA receives any type of service or product request from outside companies or ministries. Then a quotation is prepared based on the materials and manpower resources needed to deliver the required service or product. Once the quotation is approved by the customer; a workflow is created to complete the task and activities are assigned to departments and individual staff through this system. An existing process flow may be used from a previous task or a new workflow can be automatically created.

Work progress is monitored by department heads and project officers. When the work is completed, an invoice is generated by the finance department and given to the customer. This system uses a TMS schema within Oracle and the security and access rights are controlled through the application itself. This schema contains tables for customers, departments, employees, roles, tasks, workflows, activities, materials, etc.


NSA Inventory System (NSAInvent)

This system has been developed to manage NSA's Map Depot. When maps are printed or reprinted, they are added to the stock by way of receipt vouchers. When customer places orders for maps from the above OnPoint application, it is automatically sent to the Map Depot, which then issues the map. The Inventory System also maintains the level of stock. Security and access rights are controlled through the application itself and users are not permitted to directly access the oracle data.