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National defence College

  1. As per Royal Directives of his Majesty the Sultan ,the supreme commander of the Armed Force, the National Defence College (NDC)was established and its statute was issued according to Royal Decree number 2/2013. In fact, the College is specialized in strategic studies in the fields of security and defence. It seeks to raise the educational level and knowledge sectors and institutions in order to provide senior leaders, whether military or civilian, with the knowledge and skills that are deemed necessary for them to assume high leadership positions. Furthermore, the NDC helps them contribute to the formulation of public policies, the development of strategies , the coordination and integration of efforts deployed by different government in due  course in terms of issues related to security and defence.
  2. The NDC contributes enormously and positively to the concretization of the success and achievements of the Sultan Armed Force (SAF), of different military and security bodies in particular and of all governmental sectors in general in the framework of the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the Sultanate of Omani foundations to work together in a harmonious and integrated way in order to serve the highes national interest, to expand the knowledge in the strategic field and to solidify the deep understanding of different local, regional and global issues related to national security and defence .
  3. Military and security bodies prepare leaders in the national defence colleges and war colleges in brotherly and friendly countries to excel in related fields based on the curricula of these colleges that were designed specifaclly to serve national goals. It was wise to think about establishing a national defence college in the sultanate to enable chosen leaders from different governmental sectors (military or civilian) to excel in related fields according to Oman visions, needs and national goals. Based on this, the College will contributs efficiently and positively to the formation of qualified and and responsible leaders, capable of formulating sound plans on the strategic level, taking into account challenges and problems Oman might face. It is also important to confirm the importance of the continuous participation of some officers in national defence courses abroad.
  4. The National Defence course is an educational program in the field of strategic studies. It aims at qualifying decision makers to excel at the strategicl level through a scientific methodology that focuses on aspects of strategic planning and the development of the country's strategies and public policies. In fact, the curriculum, even though it is being implemented under the umbrella and sponsorship of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the SAF. Hawever, it is considered a national curriculum since it covers allof the state's elements of power and all of their dimensions : political, economic, military, social, technical and media-related.
  5. The curriculum of this course aims at conducting deep research, accurate analysis and objective evaluation of all elements and dimensions of the Omani national security . It seeks as well to integrate them in the framework of an integrated system for security and defence that contributes to serving national interest and goal and that takes into account challenges witnessed by the local, regional and international environments and their effect on the Omani national security.