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 I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Command and Staff College of the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces and hope that you will find it useful. The CSC is one of the outstanding achievements in the Sultanate of Oman. more>

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​ name of college commandant lists


Ameed Rukn\ Abdullah Ali Salim AlSulaimi

 Ameed Rukn\ Amir bin Said bin Amir Al Mahri

Ameed Rukn tayyar\ Nasser bin Hmadoon bin Saif ALHarthi


Ameed Rukn Bahri\ Mahfoodh bin Hamood bin Mohammed ALWahai​​​bi


Ameed Rukn\ Khamid bin Rashid bin Saif ALManthri​





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the top student of college courses

Raed Bahri\ Khalid bin Ali bin Mohammed Al Muqbali​
​Raed Rukn\ Abdullah bin Khamis bin Aubaid ALJashmi​​
Raed Rukn\ Mohammed bin Ali bin Khalfan ALFarsi​
Raed Rukn\ Bilal bin Majid ALDolat​​
Raed Rukn\ Aref bin Saeed bin Salim ALHajri​
Raid\ Ibrahim bin Humaid bin Rashid ALYaqoubi
Raid\ Ahmed bin Mohammed  ALMashikhi
Raid\ Sultan bin Saif bin Abdullah ALMamari