Final Volleyball Competition
Start Date: 3/16/2014
End Date: 4/3/2014 11:00 AM
The Department of Sports at Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy (SQNA) is of the most important sections in the academy

 which strives to enhance the fitness of the trainees, and it is the section that oversees all of the sports activities at the Academy, and it is the department that prepares all programs and various sports activities that help trainees to invest their time in an tremendous manner so as to create to them numerous opportunities for development and enhance their talents and satisfy their hobbies in sports activities, as well as providing all of the services that will help the trainees to continuing their sports activities without hindrance, it's not limited to organize these activities throughout the training year in the academy, but also extends to cover various sports activities in all the bases and units of the Royal Navy of Oman. In this sense, The Department of Sports at the Academy had organized a competition in volleyball On 3rd of April 2014, the final volleyball  competition was concluded under the auspices of Aqeed Rukn Bahry Saleh bin Alabd bin Baroot Albaroot  , Assistant Cmdt SQNA. Field Instructors Team won the first position.