launching and naming the second vessel ‘Shabab Oman’
By Order From His Majesty The Supreme Commander Of Sultan Armed Forces-

​RNO celebrated the occasion of launching and naming the second vessel 'Shabab Oman' on 7 May 2014 in Vlissingen south Kingdom Of Netherlands where  Damen company located. The celebration held under the auspices of HE Ahmed bin Nasir Al-Mahrizi Minister Of Tourism .

          The ceremony attended by the Omani side Commander of Royal Navy Of Oman CRNO, HH sayed Mohamed bin Hareb Al-Saeed the Omani ambassador to the Kingdom Of Netherland, a number of SAF senior officers and the members of project 'Orchid'  supervising team. From the Dutch side, a number of Dutch VVIPs, Damen senior staff and invitees.

          The ceremony began with reciting verses from the holy book 'Quran', then both Royal Omani anthem and Royal Dutch anthem played.  HE the Minister of Tourism, after that, has announced the naming of the new ship which has been ordered by HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said  the Supreme Commander Of Armed Forces.

          Then, Mr. Helen Van Amedin, Director of Damen company delivered a speech welcoming the guest of honor, mentioning the friendship relationship between the Sultanate Of Oman and the Kingdom Of Netherland. Also he has shown building  phases of RNOV 'Shabab Oman' and the capabilities of this ship, in term of design and modern equipments and devices, which will enable the ship to continuo the role of  previous 'Shabab Oman'.

          On completion, CRNO has delivered a speech expressing his gladness to launch this new ship, which is considered the fruits of the glorious renaissance and the concern of HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said   the Supreme Commander Of Armed Forces to modernize and develop the Royal Navy Of Oman, therefore, MOD has signed a contract with Damen Netherlands company to design and build the second RNOV 'Shabab Oman' with latest international technology for such clippers. Also he stressed that this ship will take over the role of the former magnificent  'Shabab Oman' to represent the Sultanate in the international events .

Rear Admiral Abdullah Bin Khamis Al-Raeesi,C RNO  stated on the additional role which (Shabab Oman 2) would play to enhance the relationship between Omani people and sea.

Shabab_Oman-2.jpg In_Shabab_Oman.jpg

 " we thank our God for launching and naming the RNO ship (Shabab Oman 2) which is one of the glorious Renaissance's results under the wise leadership of H.M Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander of SAF" RNO Commander said. He added " This ship comes within the framework of Orchid project which Oman set up a contract with the well-known Dutch shipyards group DAMEN, to design and build this ship as per the latest international specifications of sail ships with adding some Omani traditional  designs. There is  No doubts that this new touring ambassador ( Shabab Oman 2) and its experienced  sailing crew will continue to work with devotion and loyalty  to strengthen ties between Omani people and sea, as well as, transferring the friendship and peace of Omani people to other nations by participating in international festivals end events''. Also this ship contributes in the training of young Omani sailors. So, congratulation to Oman and RNO in particular for the completion  of this national project.​


Shabab Oman 2 Model