On the Occasion of SAF Traffic Week
On the Occasion of SAF Traffic Week

​On the occasion of SAF Traffic Week, RNO organized a number of activities , educational  and awareness lectures  on Wednesday 12, March 2014. This came within the framework of GCC Traffic Week under the slogan " Our Goal Is Your Safety".

The activities were carried out at SBSNB. The first lecture delivered by ROP, was about the estimated number of accidents and casualties a cross the world in general, and in the Sultanate in particular.ROP lecture also brought up the importance of paying attention while driving and some of the bad behaviors which lead to accidents such as overspeeding, wrong overtaking, non-fastening of seat belt and using the mobile phone while driving. The second lecture delivered by the medical staff of the SBSNB Medical Centre, highlighted  the injures and fractures caused by traffic accidents and their consequences on individuals health. The lecture also included a number of educational and awareness films about traffic accidents.

Afterwards, Commodore Jumma'a Al- Khadhori Head of Naval Logistics at SBSNB,  honored some of well-behaved drivers at SBSNB.

At the end of the ceremony, the sponsor guest and a number of attendees, RNO officers ratings and personal took a tour into the exhibition organized on this occasion​

SAF Traffic Week