RNO Conduct Naval Excercises” Khanjar Hadd”2014 with Participation of Three Friendly Navies
Start Date: 5/4/2014
End Date: 5/8/2014 11:00 AM
Due to the significance of maritime exercises and tactical maneuvers in raising operational competency of naval forces

RNO conducted the joint Naval Exercise "Khanjar Hadd" during 4th – 8th May 2014 in the Sea of Oman. RNO warships and several vessels from America, British and French navies participated in this exercises with the support of RAFO. Such exercises are very essential for exchanging maritime skills and experience between various friendly navies.

The "Khanjar Hadd" exercise began with presenting a detailed operational brief on the phases and serial of exercise in Naval Junior Staff School at SBSNB. Then, the participated ship's crews join various activities and sport competitions that were organized in the sport complex at SBSNB. The participated vessels sailed from SBSNB to the exercise area on Monday 5th May 2014. During the exercise, various joint military activities were conducted between the participated ships and crews according to the exercise plan.

Ameed Rukn Bahry/ Rasheed Bin Taj Mohammed Al Balushi, Acting CRNO accompanied by senior officers paid a visit to the exercise area and were briefed on the vessel tasks and duties in executing the exercise plan. He also observed the on-going preparation and modern technical means used in the participating units.

 RNO Vessel.jpgRNOVessel.jpg

 The exercise included using drones and mines detection exercise, as well as, conducting operational maritime exercise such as line transfer and hele operations. Furthermore, radar and communication system were tested during this exercise, as well as, tracking air targets with the support of a number of RAFO fighters. In addition, firing with ammunition on surface and targets was conducted during the exercise