Introductory Speech of Rear Admiral/ Commander of the Royal Navy of Oman

1.      With the dawn of the blessed Renaissance, led by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces with bright vision and unrelenting determination and in continuation of the Omani deep-rooted maritime history, the concept of establishing a naval force working side-by-side with other services has emerged. The RNO then became reality to carry out the duty of imposing the national sovereignty over the Sultanate territorial waters, protecting the seas and coastline of Oman, and maintaining the safety of international navigation in the Strait of Hormuz, which is considered the entrance of navigation and maritime trade in the GCC countries and other countries of the world.

2.      By virtue of luminous vision of His Majesty the Supreme Commander, RNO service became a sea power comparable to the advanced sea powers in terms of discipline, armament, training and combat readiness after it has been configured at the side of tactics, logistics and arming. RNO has witnessed the establishment of well-equipped bases, naval units and advanced training centers equipped with the latest technology of teaching and learning systems and simulators, as well as provided with highly developed classes of ships with technology and advanced specifications. This is only in support of the major role played by the RNO to defend the honour of our beloved homeland, protect its security and stability, and maintain the gains of its modern renaissance.

3.      RNO was keen on the introduction of reasons that would ensure the integrity of its military system, and take advantage of what was produced by modern military sciences to up grade efficiency including manpower, which became enjoying fully readiness to deal with the modern techniques while working on the high seas. However, training has been given special attention through the plans and programs of qualification to cope with the advanced scientific and military training in order to achieve maximum efficiency in performance. The outcome was modern organized and fully armed sea power includes naval elements, capable to command ships and deploy them overseas and oceans.

4.      Within this context, I would like to express highly appreciation, respect and tribute to the Omani sailors who become with their vessels invulnerable shields and vigilant guards, aware of the Sanctuary of national duty represented in maintaining security, peace and stability over the Sultanate territorial waters. ​