Terms and Conditions

  There are several of general terms and conditions which must be applied when dealing with official details provided to governmental and non-governmental authorities to ensure the required protection for these details. These Terms and conditions are summarizes in the followings:

  1. All copy rights are reserved for the Omani National Hydrography office, as it the official authority of issuing and providing Hydrographic data and other information related to the Omani Naval areas.
  2. Data and information provided are for official use only, and data issued by the official authority remains a property for the authority and the Sultanate of Oman and will be subject to the copy Rights. Users are not permitted to release this information to any third party or transfer it outside the Sultanate under any circumstances.
  3. The use of data and information is limited to the authorized party and may be printed and copied as temporary spare copies. These copies should be deleted after being officially used and disposed off completely.
  4. Release of data and information or any details extracted from the original data is not allowed to any other party.
  5. It is not allowed to reuse data and information for any purposes rather than purpose issued for previously; also this information shall not be displayed through any devices or means.