Navigational Products



     The required support for Sultan's Armed Forces and other security services is provision of military requirements of hydrographic products, either for tactical operational or training purposes. This product completes the military geographic requirements system which is being provided by other military authorities such as National Survey Authority (NSA). The various hydrographic and navigational information and data of all Omani naval areas along the coast line to the Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) and the limits of continental Reef are being extracted and reproduced to be provided for all users in order to ensure the maximum navigational Safety within the Omani waters. The production process requires great efforts in order to produce materials of high quality according to the International standards. The Main Products produce in ONHO are:

1. Paper Navigational Charts.

2. Electronic Navigational Charts.

3. Naval Operations Charts (Special for SAF).

4Other navigational publications.​​