Celebration of Hydrographic Day
RNO participation in International Day of Hydrography

     Due to the significance of increasing public awareness of the hydrographic services for littoral states, RNO represent by ONHO and Hydrograph directorate participated in the celebration of the International Day of Hydrography in 21st June 2014, under the title (Hydrography is more than just additional charts. Hydrography is one of the oldest sciences in the maritime field. It emerged from the dive need of sea related navigational charts which are highly important to provide safety and insure maritime trade movement. Such charts were first introduced by the end of 15thcentury as copper plates on which the chart was curved on. Hydrographic as a science has evolved dramatically over the years by the development of survey equipment and naval charts production standards. In spite of its huge importance, it has remained anonymous for many people and has not yet received adequate international recognition or support.

It is worth mentioning that hydrography is not just about navigational charts that are used for safe vessel transportation in the sea it is an actual supports base on which maritime countries economies rely on. It is true that maritime trade is the slowest transportation mean but the most efficient way in terms of cost especially through long distances. The statistics show that most world trade is carried out through sea.

Therefore, lack at modern hydrographic services will sabotage vessels especially cargo ships. Currently, the hydrographic services are demand as necessary requirement for any maritime country that wants to be fully aware of its surface and deep waters that is because an integral parts of human development due to its huge economic importance. Moreover, navigational charts that are produced and updated contribute in maritime transportation facility and boosting goods trade through ports and vital points.

In addition, the hydro services have a direct impact on many vital fields and sectors in maritime countries such as naval navigation safety, coastal area management, maritime resources utilization, naval environment protection, maritime control and defense, maritime boundaries delineation, continental shelf expansion study, maritime services, tourism, as well as entertainment boats journeys. Therefore, no modern hydrographic services will endanger vessels especially loading ships. Currently, hydrographic services are necessary for any maritime country that aims to be fully aware of its surface and deep water.

Source: AlWatan Newspaper

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