Celebrating the International Day of Hydrography
Start Date: 6/21/2014
End Date: 6/21/2015 1:00 PM
Duration: Year
Celebration of Hydrographic Day

     Royal Navy of Oman, represented by National Hydrography Office (NHO), celebrates the International Day of Hydrography on 21st June annually, along the lines of the International Hydrography Organization (IHO).this occasion considered as an opportunity to increase the general awareness of Hydrography and other related sciences.

     The science of Hydrography, with its importance, is only known by those who are specialized in the study of seas and oceans. It is an applied science searches in the collection of information and data which describes the topography of seabed against the land. This science is concerned with the basic measurements of waters such as temperature, salinity and density degrees. Also, it studies the horizontal and a vertical movement which differs from area to another such as; high tide, low tide and water currents. So, the hydrography is a science combines a number of fields such as; topography, navigation, geodesy, geology and physics.



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