Sultan QaboosMilitaryCollege
​​​KSQA Development Stages​

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KSQA recent level reflects the high attention paid from the Headquarters of the Royal Army of Oman (HQ RAO) and its adherence to assume a distinguished place amongst other inveterate military colleges. Additionally, KSQA recent level is also attributed to the efforts of long decades of experienced generations that still a cresset for those coming after completing the journey of development.     More..

Sultan Qaboos Military College is considered as on​​e of the well-established training edifices in the Royal Army Of Oman(RAO)  More...​


​​KSQA Facilities

Due to the steady development in all RAO units and formations, KSQA has witnessed a great deal of improvement and rejuvenation through the construction of modern facilities. KSQA Library is considered one of its kind as it includes valuable books, references, periodicals, and volumes.    More...

​​​Military Information

 Leopard 2A7 (Germany)  

It is a recent version of the proven and successful Leopard 2 design. It has additional armor and updated electronics.The Leopard 2A7 is well protected against conventional and urban warfare threats, such as RPG rounds and IEDs.This tank has better accuracy and longer range of fire comparing with other tanks due to its powerful gun and advanced fire control system.    More...