RAO Commander Statment


Commander of Royal Army of   oman

Major General Matar bin Salim bin Rashid AL-Bulushi 



His Majesty the Sultan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces – has been able to rank RAO among the world-developed countries' armies within a short period of time with all merit and puissance. His Majesty – may Allah protect him - has achieved this through deliberate plans, instilling military discipline, durability and modern military training. This is due to His Majesty's belief   that building a military individual, refinement of his integrated personality and training have been always at the forefront of the noble aims and the great uttermost in conformity with development and modernization of the country. These efforts have been capped by making RAO and all of his formation noteworthy with combat efficiency, permanent readiness at all levels to perform national duties, and at a way, that makes the army as a modern armed force.