Cadets Training

It was moved from RAFO Masirah to SQAA in 1992. OCTW prepares the candidates for service in the officer's corps of RAFO. Basic officer's cadet's courses and limited service courses are held in the wing. High school, college and university graduates join OCTW. The limited service course lasts for sex months, while officer cadets course lasts for 2 years and divided into sex stages. These stages involves basic military training and academic qualification ( English language, Math, Computer and defense studies), Air studies, Art of command, and finally Advanced art of command which includes practical exercises in class and in the field.

After completion the basic course successfully, the officer cadets are granted the rank of Mul/2 along with Diploma degree in Military Science. Then they are appointed in RAFO directorates according to their specializations. However, pilots move to flying training squadron (No.1 Sqn) at Masirah airbase where they initiate flying training on Mushak and PC9.