Commander Statement





Dear RAFO Personnel


​May Peace be Upon You,,,


It is a pleasure to express my gratitude and appreciation for all your genuine efforts in protecting RAFO's assets and achievements, and building on what has been established throughout the history of RAFO. You all, each in his/ her specialty, are carrying on your shoulders great responsibilities that require sincere and professional hard work to raise RAFO to higher standards in the readiness status, and the operational and administrative competency by combining the efforts of every single one of RAFO personnel.


Brave heroes, you represent one of the most important pillars of RAFO, thus I will spare no effort in developing the human cadre in line with RAFO current and future needs considering the available financial resources. The tasks and responsibilities assigned to RAFO are numerous, whether in peace or war. It is worth mentioning that, RAFO is equipped with modern military equipment that are compatible with these tasks and support RAFO to accomplish them. Furthermore, there are future plans and continuous reviews for development and modernization of RAFO in accordance with the priorities and superior directives issued in this regard.

May Allah help me and you to devote constant effort to raise this beloved country and protect it with our souls. We pledge HM Haitham bin Tariq, the Supreme Commander, to prove absolute loyalty and obedience.