About Us

In the beginning of 1980s His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said issued Royal directives for the formation of Sultans of Oman Air Force (SOAF) band including military band, chorus drums and bagpipes at RAFO Ghala. RAF on loan officer started his new task as Director RAFO band in 1981, as a result the band performed its first musical display in 1983 and later in the same year it had the honor of performing before HM Sultan at Seeb palace. In 1984 it participated in the National Day Celebrations and in 1985 it participated in the Omani TATO. The band had the opportunity to perform in the Royal Parade in England which was held in RAF Cromwell.  In June 1990 the name of Sultan of Oman Air Force Music was changed to Royal of Oman Air Force (RAFO) Band. Due to the huge tasks entrusted to it in addition to the training of the new recruits' in accordance with an accurate school program, the band was divided into a training unit and an operational unit. The latter was given the responsibilities of performing the tasks assigned to it while the training unit was called RAFO Music School which made RAFO as the first SAF service running military music school.

In October 2008 the second band consisting of 62 female musicians was formed and within the following two years the band expanded to comprise 92 musicians. It made its first display in the celebration of the 40th National Day (Oman Military Music Festival). The female band has showed its efficiency thus, gained the trust to participate with the first band in the national such as SAF occasions conducted under the auspices of HM the Sultan. Lately it participated in Royal Opera House event. Concerning, the international occasions, it participated in various events including its participation in Albert city in France in 2011, Germany in February 2012 and France in 2013. Recently it gave displays in some of Germany cities in 2014.