bigarrow.pngCARTO GIS:

Looks after Data conversion from one format to other, undertaking customized projects, data cleaning and attribution as well as acting as a gateway between the Geographic Data Production and the Quality Control sections.

Major Tasks
smallarrow.pngVMap Data creation for RAFO
smallarrow.pngCreation/Updation of customized maps (raster &vector)
smallarrow.pngGIS Data creation, conversion, cleaning , checking and validation
smallarrow.pngGIS Data Analysis
smallarrow.pngTechnical Support services


bigarrow.pngCARTO EDPS & Graphic Design:

Responsible for Maps preparing, charts, diagrams and other graphic art work for publication.

Major Tasks
smallarrow.png​Generalisation of data
smallarrow.pngAssigning feature symbology
smallarrow.pngPreparing topographic map layout
smallarrow.pngChecking and correcting TLMs, Repmat
smallarrow.pngPreparing other maps like Tourist Maps, Town Plans etc.



Is a part of Geographic Data Production is where data is acquired in a 3D stereo environment using aerial photographs.

Major Tasks
smallarrow.pngPrepare flying plan for aerial photography
smallarrow.pngCarry out aerial triangulation to produce rectified integrated model
smallarrow.pngDigitally derive map compilation related data and information from aerial photographs
smallarrow.pngScan aerial photographs using precision scanner
smallarrow.pngCheck and revise the photogrammetric part of work carried out by companies.



bigarrow.pngReprographics & Printing:

Consists of several smaller Cells:-
Scanning & Plotting Cell
Colour correction, Digital proofing & Separation Cell

Major Tasks
smallarrow.pngComputer to Plate (CTP) System (4 Colour CMYK Separates)
smallarrow.pngScanning of Paper, film & Digital Plotting of Films
smallarrow.pngColour Corrections & Separations
smallarrow.pngAerial Photography Support



bigarrow.pngProduction Support

Is to supports day to day production activities along with data conversion from Raster to Vector in 2D environment.

Major Tasks
smallarrow.pngDigitisation using TLM/Satellite Image/Repmat
smallarrow.pngMap Georeferencing
smallarrow.pngMap Enlargement
smallarrow.pngMap Mosaicking


bigarrow.pngQuality Control (QC/QA)

Is to ensures that all Geospatial Data Materials produced or received by NSA is quality checked in accordance with standards and specifications and that all NSA Geospatial Data Materials supplied to meet customer requests, is quality checked in accordance with standards and specifications.

Major Tasks
smallarrow.pngEnsure that all geospatial data destined for the NSA Geospatial Database meets the required standard and specification
smallarrow.pngEnsure that all Geospatial Data Materials produced by NSA is checked and approved before publication
smallarrow.pngEnsure that all data supplied to customers: meets the requirement, is readable and packaged correctly
smallarrow.pngEnsure that all data received by NSA is checked and assessed for quality and usability
smallarrow.pngReview and establish adequate QA/QC procedures within all of NSAs sections
smallarrow.pngEstablish and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and checklists for QA/QC procedures within the QA/QC Section
smallarrow.pngMaintain close links with other Sections to provide advice on matters relating to QA/QC.