Topographic Sciences Institute
​​​This is an approved center by Edexcel Enterprise, the UK's largest awarding academic vocational and testing body. The institute offers two years national diploma program study in geomatics (mapping and survey), and it aims to improve local staffs through providing Omanis with training in various geomatics domains and other related subjects like topographic surveys, mapping, photogrammetry and GIS.


Approved Certificates
         Edexcel International

      National Survey Authority


bigarrow.pngFoundation Survey Course

This course extends for 5 months and aims at qualifying candidates to OND course program; therefore it focuses on developing and improving candidate's general skills in English, communication, mathematics and mapping sciences.




bigarrow.pngGPS and Map Reading course

This course discusses principles of mapping and geographic data available and how to use them to define sites via the already used technical methods, as well as teaching students the skills on the use of GPS devices..




bigarrow.pngSpecialised short course for RAFO

This was 2 weeks course designed to expose the techniques of Geographical information. The course covered GPS, map reading, photo interpretation and remote sensing.

bigarrow.pngGIS Course

 This course, which lasts 8 weeks, covers principles and concepts of GIS and its applications in mapping domain. The focus is placed on the use of Arc GIS software and its peripherals in operations like data capture, maps drawing, spatial data analysis and design of geographic databases in line with the production and maps update stages.


bigarrow.pngSurvey Devices Technician Course

This course is taught for 6 weeks period and covers principles and concepts of applied surveys in field of mapping. The use of different survey devices such as total station, leveling device with operations, data downloading, processing and use of data in maps update via the use of survey software, are the main focus of this course.

bigarrow.pngAerial photographs & Remote Sensing Analysis Course
This course is designed for 4 weeks period with the aim to shed light on principles of photogrammetry, aerial photographs and remote sensing data analysis. Students acknowledge the techniques of collecting and analyzing geographic data from aerial photos and satellite imageries through the use of traditional and modern methods used in the production of spatial data.

bigarrow.pngDifferential GPS Course
The duration of this course extends to 4 weeks and is held to meet the needs and requirements of the market place in survey sciences domain. The course covers principles and concepts of using GPS devices and its applications in fields of surveying and mapping. The course also deals with control operations, observation, data download and processing through computer.

bigarrow.png English course

This was 4 months beginners’ English course offered to NSA staff to develop their English language skills.

bigarrow.png 2014 Expected Courses Plan

​S.N ​Course Name ​Number of Time Held ​Duration
​1 ​OND ​2 2 Years​
​2 ​Foundation Survey ​1 ​5 Months
​3 ​Maps Reading & GPS ​3 ​3 Weeks
​4 ​GIS ​3 ​4 Weeks
​5 ​Remote Sensing ​2 ​6 Weeks
​6 ​Survey Technician Course ​1 ​4 Weeks
​7 ​Diferential GPS ​2 ​4 Weeks