HNSA Statement

​Thank you Allah, and Peace be upon his prophet Mohammed and his followers.

 The establishment of NSA in 1984 stemmed from the wise vision of the supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and his future insight. The production of maps in all its types is a prime demand for any country wishes to secure its border, utilizes its resources in an ideal manner and maintains the safety and security of its geospatial data, so as to achieve save environment and life prosperity for citizens.

In light of that, the application of standards specific to topographic survey and mapping is one of the major duties of NSA besides its maintenance and management to the National Archive of geographic data and supply of topographic maps, charts and geospatial data available to all ministries, government establishments, private sector and citizens in general.

NSA is looking forward to fully participate in e-government and apply/share all its services to be available online.

I reiterate my thanks and appreciation to NSA Staff and Members and those who contributed to the success of NSA projects of all kinds with the wishes and requirements that achieve the desired goals.


"Peace be upon you All"


Air Commodore Ahmed Saif Al-Badi

Head of National Survey Authority