Ministry of Legal Affairs
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The Ministry of Legal Affairs performs its authorities as per the Royal Decree No. 14/94 through enhancing the regulations and by-laws in coordination with the concerned ministries to keep pace with the drastic developments in the Sultanate. It is deemed as the Ministry responsible for revising the Royal Decrees, regulations, laws and ministerial decisions prior to issuance and publishing in the official gazette.

Furthermore, the Ministry thoroughly studies and reviews international treaties and agreements signed by the Sultanate by providing its legal advice on joining requests to such treaties. In addition, this Ministry is responsible for conducting comprehensive revision of memorandum of understanding drafts signed by the governmental sectors with other countries as endorsed by the council of ministrers.

In the light of the above, the Ministry can immensely support Maritime Security Centre to conduct the required tasks and duties through revision of all regulations, laws, international treaties, agreements and memorandums of understanding related to maritime security either directly or indirectly. Moreover, the Ministry provides the appropriate legislative cover for the Centre, as well as, supplies the Centre's website with related regulations. It also gives legal advice on naval security issues according to international agreements.