Royal Air Force Of Oman


a5.png​ Royal Air Force Of Oman participates in the Maritime Security operations through Maritime reconnaissance, search and rescue operations and transport, citizens support services in the governorates of the Sultanate that are inaccessible by road . Also , RAFO plays an integrative and supportive role with other agents. RAFO assumes a key role in oil pollution control operations by its aircrafts allocated to this purpose, with cooperation and Coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs who provides the oil dispersants in order to capture the spilled oil within the Omani Territorial Seas and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) . Moreover, RAFO provides support to the Maritime Security Centre in order to execute its operational  tasks and duties as following:

  • ​Conduct maritime patroling missions by using ( MPAS ) and report any suspected surface targets.
  • Direct coordination with the Task Group and ROP Coast Guard boats via communication channels according to the communication plan ( complan ) to ensure the comprehensive coverage for the area.
  • Intensify maritime patroling missions upon receipt of information indicating existence of suspected targets or according to the changes situation.
  • Provide the required support to deal with  any operation may occur.
  • Forward reconnaissance reports to the MSC on completion of each mission.​​