when the first time, Sultan's Armed forces (SAF) was established in Sultanate of Oman at Bait Al-Falaj Camps, facilities and installations. The Unit was then named as the Engineering Division with a very limited number of manpower.

By 1970, with the sunrise advent of the modern renaissance era, the Sultanate as a whole witnessed comprehensive development in all aspects throughout Oman. During the development and modernization Sultan Armed Forces received special attention from His Majesty the Sultan, The Supereme commander of SAF that reflected on the technical and manpower expansion of modernization on large scale, which had necessarily made it imperative for the Engineering Division to be expanded and meet the increased responsibilities towards SAF in times operations and peace.

At that time, it was imperative to found an ideal location with a vast area is to install the new plants & machineries, equipments that where acquired by Engineering Division in order to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it. In terms of Operations & Maintenance of Electrical & Mechanical Plants and Equipments spread out through SAF, Air and Naval Bases Camps throughout the regions of Sultanate to meet the increasing future requirements, Engineering Division was then shifted to MUASKAR AL MURTAFAAT (MAM) from Bait – Al-Falaj in 1976 and later in 1987 it was renamed as a Ministry of Defense Engineering Services (MODES).