Office of The Chief of Staff#Sultan Armed Forces


​                 Office of the Chief of Staff of Sultan's Armed Forces                        ​

         The Office of COSSAF comprises several joint military institutions of SAF. It is, as well, responsible about lots of coordination aspects in operations, training, qualification, services, media and cultural education.

The Origination

        The first central administrative command for SAF ( Muscat Armed Forces, then) was established in 1955. Commander of Muscat Infantry was appointed as the administrative commander for the whole forces. On 11th December 1975, SAF achieved great victory in the Dhofar insurgency. Since then, 11th December has become SAF Day. Then, SAF was restructured. In 1977, SAF was reorganized to land, air and naval forces with a respective commander for each service. The position of Commander of SAF was aborted and it was a major turning point in the organization of SAF. Later on, in 1979, the position of " Chief of Staff of Defence" was introduced. Yet, the first Chief for this post was appointed on 5th August 1981.  In 1987, MOD was restructured again and the post of "Chief of Staff of Defence" was changed to "Chief of Staff of Sultan's Armed Forces." A position of minister was introduced to the structure of MOD to go along with all ministries in the country and the new position was called " Minister Responsible for the Defence Affairs" (Till now.

The Structure

The structure of the Office of COSSAF includes several directorates of which are:

1.  Military Welfare Services. It was established in 1972 at Bait al Falaj Camp and it was known as " Alkhairyah." In 1973,  SAF Housing Loan Fund was established to be under the umbrella of MWS. In 1974, another responsibility was added to the duties of MWS which was " The Families Affairs." In 1975, the responsibility of          " Personnel Housing and Lands" was added to the duties of MWS. In 1985, the "Office of Retirees and Heirs Affairs" entered the service with MWS. Military Welfare Service provides the necessary facilities for the retirees, the disabled and the families of the martyrs and the deceased. MWS is a permanent member in the Arabian Association for Veterans in Cairo. (Since 1993.)

2. Morale Guidance.  As per the Royal directives of H.M. Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Morale guidance was established in 1974. It was then a small unit called " Department of Morale Guidance." It was located at Bait al Falaj Camp and it was under the direct supervision of the Undersecretary of MOD. In 1980, MG was restructured to go in line with the comprehensive development of the Blessed Renaissance and it was moved to Almurtafiah Camp. In 1990, MG became Morale Guidance and Public Relations and shifted to the direct supervision of COSSAF and it was responsible about SAF Museum and the Military Protocols. In the framework of development, Morale Guidance and Military Protocols were separated in 1999.  In 2003, Public Relations was separated from Morale Guidance.

3. SAF Museum. It was established in 1978 in Bait al Falaj Fort which was built by the Sultan Said bin Sultan in 1845. SAFM main duty is documenting the Omani military heritage.

4. International Shooting Unit. It was formed in 1980 at SAF Training Camp in Ghala. It is specialized in training SAF shooters on the light shooting weapons used in the various international competitions to qualify them to represent the Sultanate in the international marksmanships.

5. Command and Staff College. It was inaugurated by H.M. Sultan Qaboos bin Said in 1988. It is specialized in training and qualifying an elite of officers to take over future commanding posts at SAF.

6. Information Technology Services. It was established in 1982. ITS uses more than 33 electronic systems to serve SAF and all departments of MOD and of which are Auto-Libraries System (Aufuq) and Information System (Nibras).​​