RAFO Responsibilities Toward Society

RAFO social Responsibilities and its general frame toward the Omani community emanates from the national supreme responsibility which is represented in defending the Sultanate (homeland), its gains and the conservation of its achievements. These are of course, the contents of the message which RAFO as an establishment and tightly constructed military organization within SAF system sought to convey and to deepen its routes.

1. Practicing its Social Role

Beside the national responsibilities and for the interest of the Omani community in particular and the benefit of Human society in general, the social role which represents the moral and ethical aspects that RAFO has committed itself to, has raisin. Unlike the other local and national organizations, companies and farms, RAFO has sought hard to achieve such a goal without gaining any margin of profit or marketing purposes. The aspects of RAFO social role could be seen through the following practices:


مجال النقل- طاشئة الإيرباص

A. Social Role (transport)

Concerning transportation, RAFO provides air services including (aircrafts, pilots and aircrews) for the purpose of conducting free air flights for the transportation of Omani citizens living in rural areas from works to their homes and residences and vice versa. The free air flights include essential areas, in which there are civilian or military airports or airfields such as (MCT, Salalah, Thumrait, Khasab and Musirah).

مجال البحث والإنقاذ

 B. Social Role (search & Rescue)

RAFO plays a major role in the Search & Rescue operations especially during catastrophes, emergencies and climatic adversities and turmoil. In these conditions, RAFO fulfills various social services and developmental participations through the conduction in Search & Rescue operations using both aircrafts and helicopters to evacuate the citizens from stricken areas hit by storms, cyclones, floods, valleys and hurricanes.

مجال الصحة: الطبيب الطائر

C. Social Role (search & Rescue)  

RAFO embodies this responsibility through the fact that the physical and psychological health represents its priority. The medical service (flying doctors) is a shining mark in this respect. RAFO transports all SAF and other authorities' doctors to all places in the Sultanate especially remote, mountains and rough areas in cooperation with the Ministry of Health for the purpose of Child Vaccination, first air services for patients and wounded and RTA injured people. RAFO is also carrying out pesticides spraying operations to combat insects and swarms of locusts which affect both landscaping and the health of people.


مجال التعليم والثقافة

D. Social Role (Ed & MC)

Since it is the service capable of providing education and military culture for all Sultan's Armed Forces, RAFO has been taking right from the very beginning of its formation, the role of spreading Education and Military Culture services amongst all SAF units. Therefore an educational plan has been set in accordance with a confined strategy which started with dealing with illiteracy and then adopting the general education scheme. RAFO is now carrying out specialist trainings and Teaching Foreign Languages and supervising pre-school education (nursery) and providing RAFO Officers and personnel with great opportunities to obtain up graduate courses. There are many cultural centers through which RAFO tries to form the personality of its employees.


مجال التدريب العسكري

E. Social Role (Training)

Apart from the combat military trainings, RAFO adopts the training as extra values and presents it as cumulative experiences necessary to all its staff in order to prepare them to be capable of carrying out their responsibilities in life and the society in general. Such thing is appearance through the various training fields available in the form of internal and external conferences, courses, seminars and exhibitions in all fields. It is not unusual therefore that RAFO outputs have the priority in the labor market even after their retirement simply for the quality of the knowledge and experiences they gained while in service.

مجال الرياضة

F. Social Role (Sport)     

RAFO considers the sport sector as the only mean to form the personality capable of practicing the work and fulfilling the tasks efficiently, therefore; there are many sporting centers working as sport academies. These centers have been design to prepare and qualify RAFO officers and personnel both physically, psychologically and enhancing their talents in sport game practicing. Thus, many local and national sporting teams benefit from a group of talented players and professional trainers who are well represent those teams in the local & the international arenas.

مجال الموسيقى

G. Social Role (Music)

Music in RAFO does not represent luxury, grandeur or entertainment at all, in fact it is a war tool, a source of pride, heritage-honored and inherited tradition that should be maintained. Therefore RAFO works hard on preparing new generation with delicate sense and good taste. The echoes of such new generation have been witnessed at the Royal Opera Hall and in the public & national events during both internal and external musical festivals.


2. Administrating the Social Role   

Beside the main task and the military message for which RAFO was formed in 1959, the adoption of a clear and well planned strategy by the Commanders of the Royal Air Force of Oman who have been keen to maintain the continues support for the social practices. Following the Royal instruction by HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said the Supreme Commander of Sultans Armed Forces, May Allah protect him, HQ RAFO has been instructed to maintain managing the social responsibility through RAFO stations, directorates and units.