Sultan Qaboos naval academy SQNA

  Sultan Qaboos naval academy of RNO (SQNA) inauguration was a significant event in RNO at that time, which has consisted of an active working cell, provides training support to train personnel to be capable of carrying weapons, facing dangers to protect the Sultanates security. SQNA is RNO's biggest training facility, manned with high qualified officers and instructors, and equipped with technically advanced equipment.

 SQNA is one of the integrated educational establishments, and the core of training works, providing basic training for officers and DMs to prepare them sufficiently for overseas courses. Furthermore, it offers necessary training for newly joined personnel.

 In addition to fundamental training in English, Science, Maths and Computing, SQNA conducts specialized training required for personnel promotion, such as Command and Administration, Fire Fighting and Damage Control Courses.​

Naval Junior Staff School (NJSS):

NJSS plays a significant role in training officers in military and administration to boost their administrative and academic skills and to qualify them to effectively perform their daily tasks.

NJSS is one of RNO's most important modern training establishments, built to develop the naval training and to achieve a high standard of administration, coordination and maritime specialization research. A number of students from SAF, other security services and that of the GCC countries attend NJSS courses.

Fleet Warfare School (FWS):

                FWS prepare Executive Officers to work as specialized officers in warfare operations and navigation, and prepare them to perform their tasks onboard ships


Catering School was opened in the middle of 1995. It was very simple school at the beginning. Training was limited to cooks courses which were called Basic Courses. Years later, the curriculum was developed and an integrated training galley was built. In addition, the whole   building was allocated for Catering School due to the increasing number of cooks and stewards trainees.  All these sections were well equipped with modern facilities for this purpose.

General Naval Training School (GNTS):

General Naval Training School (GNTS) is one of Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy (SQNA) most important and essential training schools as it is concerned with the basic training of the uniformed ratings and infusing the military discipline and principles from the beginning. The most important task of this school is the training of new entry by transferring them from civilian to military life. The school also provides training for Ministry of Education (MoE) Military Education Students Courses. The field training is another task given by GNTS. This includes the training on infantry and different small arms for all courses under training as well as Murashaheen Courses. The school also provides Security Courses for Naval Security Force (NSF) in addition to Regulating Courses for Master at Arms (MAAs).

Tactical Training School( TTS):

TTS is undertaking the task of training all Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) personnel on practical navigation, operational training and preparing crews and trainees before starting any exercise or maneuvers aboard ships. Therefore, the School has been equipped with simulator systems.

Operational  Training  School  (OTS):

OTS is carrying all training courses for ratings   according to their branch. The rating joins the school in different stages during his career before being promoted to a higher rank.

Technical Training School (TTS):

TTS is considered one of RNO great facilities in technical training. It has all the required utilities for technical courses training to provide the technical capable cadres   required by the fleet. The school   also provides training services for Royal Yacht ratings.

The importance of technical training, as well as other fields, in RNO comes from the continuous technological development in the field of military vessels and sophisticated equipment's gained by RNO in addition to the development of technical training in the Sultanate in general.

Academic Training School (ATS):

The role played by ATS is a very important role within SQNA. This school is responsible for all academic studies such as IT, Science, Mathematics, and English Language which is taught to all courses according to specialized training targets for each course. ATS is well prepared for accommodating all SQNA and RNO future requirements.