DMs Joining MTS:
This year ,MTS received 32 Murashaheen Gradute Officers Course(GOC) and 50 LSCs.

MTS is one of OTS schools at SQNA . It contributes in supporting RNO with executive and specialized officers through Mn officers courses held every year. The school started in NTC  in the Wilayat of Sur  in 1977. It was only a small section. After moving to the current location in the  Wilayat of Musanaah in 1986, the school also transferred with the whole TC facilities including Mn Trg Section. In 2011 the section was transferred to be Mn Trg School .

The Training Program:

The program of LSC training includes two terms at SQNA which include the academic training and the field training . Those who hold university certificates, will have a program of four terms, three of which will be held at SQNA , and the last term will be at Sea Training School.​

CRNO Visited Murashaheen Training School