Commandant Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy (CMDT SQNA) ADDRESS


      Since its establishment, The Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) , has adhered to providing  the technical training and developing the training programs for its affiliates . Therefore, the 1st of January 1978 witnessed the establishment of RNO Naval Training Centre ( NTC) in the Wilayat  of Sur, Asharqia Southern Governorate,  where it played a vital role in the training and qualifying of RNO's officers and ratings.

      In October 1986, NTC was moved from Sur  to Wudam  Assahil, Wilayat  of  Almusanah, Albatnah Southern Governorate. Its opening  at that time was a remarkable event in RNO. The moving of NTC  played a great role in training support in accordance with modern calibers as well as providing latest equipment and highly trained staff in order to be the biggest training  edifice in the RNO.

      With the continuous development of MOD and the Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF) , HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Supreme Commander of the Sultan Armed Forces, approved the new name "Sultan Qaboos Naval Academy  (SQNA)" on 1st June 2011,raising RNOTC to a  higher level.   


      The main task of SQNA is represented by training and qualifying all officers and officer cadets (Dhubat  Murashaheen, DMs) in addition to providing basic training for new recruits (NE) when they join the RNO. Some ratings join advanced courses before their advancement  to get their share  of training. To support  specialized training , SQNA is providing  basic training in different knowledge fields such as English Language, Science, Mathematics, Computer beside  specialized training on Leadership, Management, Firefighting and Damage Control, Prevention from Chemical Warfare, and Catering.


      SQNA is playing a considerable  role  in training and qualifying  Omani  ratings before  joining  the practical life in different service branches. It holds  most of the service's courses  by  targeting the operational requirements  of ships and bases in addition to fulfilling  officers and ratings training needs to be able to carry out their tasks efficiently.

SQNA  has several schools that hold different courses .The schools are as the  following:

1.        Officers Training  School (OTS):

- Foundation  Officers Course (OFC).

2.        Murashaheen Training School(MTS):

            - DMs Qualifying Course( holders of General Diploma- MTC).

            - DMs Qualifying Course(holders of Bachelor's degree - GOC).

            - Limited Service Officers Qualifying Course (LSC).

3.        Principle Warfare Officers School :

            - Principle Warfare Officers Course(PWO).

4.        Naval Junior Staff School:

            - Officers Administration Course.

            - Naval Junior Staff Course(NJSC).

5.        Operational Training School:

            - Assistant Navigation Officer (ANO) Course.

6.        Hydrographic Training School:

            - Hydro Technicians Basic Course.

7.        Academic Studies School:

            - ICDL Courses.

            - English Language Courses.

            -Math and Science Courses.

8.        Catering School:

            - Basic Cooks Course.

            - Basic Stewards Course.

​9.        Leadership and Management Training School(LMTS):

            - Raqeeb's Leadership Course.

            - Raqeeb's Divisional Management Course(RDMC).

10.      General Naval Training School:

            - NE (Jd's)Course.

11.      Technical Training School:

            - Mechanic Technician Course (Diploma holders).

            - Electric Technician Course (Diploma holders).

            - Electronics Technician Course.

12.      Firefighting  and Chemical Warfare School:

            - Basic FF & CW Course.