Interior” organizes for seminar of Continental Shelf in Sultanate of Oman"
AL-Omania - Muscat

​  ​   The Ministry of Affairs, represented by the office of continental Shelf and Maritime Affairs with collaboration with GNC/New Zealand, the consultant and supervisor of the project, hold a seminar on the extension the limits of the continental shelf of the Sultanate. The seminar opened by HE -Said Bin Hamdoon Al-Harsi- Ministry of Transport and Communications undersecretary for ports and maritime affairs.

     The seminar acquainted the concerned authorities in the Sultanate with the meaning of the continental shelf and the actions and studies that should be prepared for submission to the UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the sea, the office concerned with such issues. The seminar stressed the importance of this project and future prospects of the Sultanate of this vital project. Given the importance of this project, a committee was formed under the decision of Council of Ministers on March18,2008, with a view to preparing a comprehensive file to complete the procedures of extending the boundaries of the continental shelf of the Sultanate, in accordance with article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the law of the Sea1982.Therefore, on 15 April 2009 Oman submitted an initial request supported with primary data about the extension of continental shelf to UN Continental Shelf Committee, provided that the rest of the requirements will be fulfilled within the next three years. The continental shelf is defined as the natural prolongation of the land territory to the land's outer edge 250 nautical miles from the coastal state's baseline. Coastal states have the right to harvest mineral and non-living material such as oil, gas and materials in the subsoil of its continental shelf mineral and non-living material such as oil, gas and materials in the subsoil of its continental shelf.

Workshop for Continental Shelf in Muscat