Oman Maritime Book
Annual Issue of “Oman Maritime Book”

     ONHO issues Oman Maritime Book annually. This is the 11th publication for this year. The details included in the manually aims to provide sufficient information for the sailors related to the sea state, high tide and low t​​ide as well as ship wrecks along with navigational lights and wireless signals of the Sultanate waters. Also, this manual contains selected parts from neighboring waters. ​

Oman Maritime Book

     Maritime safety section in NHO uses to issue Oman Maritime Book annually. This book considered a guide for ships and consists of six sections:

Section (1): High Tide and Low Tide timetables​: shows the daily forecast for the high and low tide in the main ports, fishing ports and naval bases.

Section (2): wireless signals list: contains the signals to be used for communication between ships and different ports.

Section (3): Navigational Lights: NHO use to produce the list of navigational lights from the information gained from national sources, mainly by the Arabian company for Maritime Services and Nautical Assets.

Section (4): National List of ship wrecks: this section contains information about wreckage of drown ships or any wrecks which may be dangerous for navigation. This also includes wreckage of historical importance and it is preserved according to the rules of the Sultanate of Oman.

Section (5) Omani Nautical charts Index:This section shows the charts produced by NHO and the charts which will be ready during the coming years.

Section (6): Maritime distances Time tableShows the distances between the Omani ports and the estimated distances for some ports of neighboring countries measured by nautical miles.​​​