Workshop Discussion “Law of the sea Development” Technical Aspects of Maritime Boundaries
Workshop Activities on Technical aspects of Maritime Boundary

     Workshop activates on technical aspects of maritime boundary, Continental shelf and base line of the Hydrographic committee within maritime environment territorial protection organization area which organized by the Royal Navy of Oman. IHO supervision and participation of UAE, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Suadi Arabia, State of Qater, Republic of Iraq and Pakistan. The workshop conducted at the Parkinn AI-Kwair. The participate discussed many issues including law of the sea development to UN agreement regarding this law, beside responsibilities, right and demarcation of maritime area. The workshop focused on definition and importance of naval charts in demarcation of maritime boundary and lowest island line along the coast and heights where water reflows, normal base line and straight baseline. The workshop also discussed practiced application of territorial sea drawing and other maritime areas from base line, as wells, the geodesy and relationship with law of the sea. In this occasion, Head of the NHO Maqdm Rukan Bah\ Thani bin Hareth Al-Mahrooqi stressed that the Hydro committee chaired by the Sultanate since 2009 works on the navigation safety enhancement by the technical cooperation and Hydro training, maritime chart drawing and maritime safety information. Muqadm Thani mentioned that the committee works on motivation of all member countries to expand their Hydrographic activates and by seeking of help from IHO and relevant organization when necessary to enhance hydrographic capabilities. In addition to simplification of survey and scientific research information exchange process and keep pace with modern scientific development in such field for planning and organizing hydro activates with to intervention in national authorities, as well as, planning and coordinating for issuance of international electronic maritime charts and cooperation in the field of the geographical information and application that compatible to Hydro database.

Source :Al-Shabiba newspaper ​

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