Sultan Qaboos Military College




Sultan Qaboos Military College (KSQA)


KSQA is considered one of the most significant training edifices in the Royal Army of Oman (RAO). It embraces Officer Cadets Training School which assumes the mission of training officer cadets to join different RAO units and formations as qualified and competent officers, who are completely able to fulfill their military duties at the level of Platoon Commanders. Furthermore, KSQA trains and qualifies Limited Service Officers and provides them with all possible military sciences to be RAO officers. In addition, KSQA embraces Tactical and Support Weapons Training School which trains and qualifies Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF) non-commissioned officers to become instructors at various SAF training institutions and colleges.

KSQA is located in Aydem Area at the Governorate of Dhofar; about 1300 km away from Muscat and 130 km away from Salalah. Aydem Area is distinguished of its diversified ground relief which comprises plains, valleys and mountains. Therefore, Aydem Area provides a good topography for all types of military training. The current location of the college, away from urban life with the exception of some rural localities and Bedouins, provides a quiet atmosphere for trainees to accomplish their training duties easily, familiarize themselves with military life pattern, and create reliable personalities.