​​​​​Speech for MOD Portal by His Excellency
the Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs


    All praise and thanks be to Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious and peace be upon His Messenger, Prophet Mohammad, the teacher of mankind, and to his companions.

      The Sultan's Armed Forces is undoubtedly one of the vital pillars on which the march of Oman's blessed Renaissance firmly stands under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. His Majesty has constantly bestowed his Royal attention and support to the courageous Sultan's Armed Forces through provision of modern equipment, armament and training. It has, thus, evolved to become a full-fledged modern military force capable of performing its sacred and commendable national role of protecting the territories and the sovereignty of our beloved homeland, safeguarding its achievements and contributing, side by side with other government institutions, to the nation-wide comprehensive development and nation-building efforts at all spheres. The Sultan's Armed forces has left no stone unturned in order to train its personnel and equip them with necessary training and skills to keep pace with on-going and state-of-the-art developments in the fields of science and technology to be able to shoulder their noble national duties.

      Furthermore, information Technology plays a vital role in seamlessly integrating Ministries and government organizations, thus the Ministry of Defence pays great attention to this domain by setting the scene for a quantum leap in digital transformation to ensure faster and smooth work-functioning while, at the same time, maintaining swiftness and quality. MOD has vigorously endeavored to keep pace with the new e-Government approach, along with other government entities, taking into account the confidentiality of military information and its security. To this end, MOD executed ambitious training programmes for its employees to provide them with necessary skills to carry out their duties efficiently as well as keeping abreast with latest developments in the field of information technology.

     The firm steps and the tireless efforts exerted by all MOD and Sultan's Armed Forces units in the field of Information Technology is a source of pride and I seize the opportunity to thank them all for their great efforts. We are pleased to congratulate the inauguration of the MOD Portal as part of the Sultanate's e-Government initiative linking and integrating all departments of the Ministry online with the headquarters of the Sultan's Armed Forces.

      Finally, it is a great honour to extend my heartfelt thanks and that of all employees of the Ministry of Defence and the Sultan's valiant Armed Forces for the Royal attention and support His Majesty bestows on his Armed Forces to transform it into a modern force capable of protecting our dear homeland and safeguarding its achievements. We renew our covenant and loyalty to His Majesty affirming him that we will be the trustworthy force which sincerely contributes in nation-building and preserving the achievements of the blessed renaissance. May the Almighty Allah protect His Majesty the Sultan, shower him with bounties, blessings and grant him enduring health and long life as the leader of Oman's prosperous era.


           With respect and regards,